Episode 106

J.D. Long-Garcia | Called To More

Published on: 25th May, 2023

This week on Living the Call, Deacon Charlie talks with J.D. Long-Garcia, a husband and father, and senior editor at America Magazine, a national news platform run by the Jesuits. At America, J.D. heads up the publication’s efforts to report on Latinos in the Catholic Church, with special attention to immigration, criminal justice and Catholic education.

In this episode, Deacon Charlie and J.D. discuss the best way to protect ourselves against satan’s use of new age and occult practices. J.D. shares his take on the Latino community in the Church and gives his thoughts on Pope Francis: why is he often viewed as a person of contention? How might the Holy Spirit be using seeds planted by the Pope to bring people to the Catholic Church? J.D. also discusses challenges he faces in Catholic journalism today.



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